Chad Bibler

Chad Bibler

Software Engineer

Naperville, Illinois, US




I am seeking a challenging and honorable software development career.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Team Lead2Halo Investing, Inc.

    Dec, 2015 - current1 year 3 months

    • Managing a team of 4 remote developers and 1 local developer.

    • Building entire web application for new smart options-trading platform.

    • Crafting a RESTful API for the web app to interface with the backend.

    • First full-time developer.

    • Technologies used: Ember.js, ember-cli, ES6, Python, Flask, Tornado, Redis, Docker, NGINX, gunicorn, RabbitMQ

  • Developerdough, Inc.

    Aug, 2013 - Dec, 20152 years 4 months

    • Worked primarily on every facet of the web-based options trading platform.

    • Led the team getting the first native version of dough launched for iPad and iPhone.

    • Documented most of the internal Objective-C library so developers could get up to speed faster.

    • Moved a handful of utilities into Docker containers for portability and ease-of-use.

    • Introduced Charles Proxy for faster, easier, and more comprehensive testing and development.

    • Technologies used: Ember.js, ember-cli, Ruby on Rails, SASS, Jasmine, Xcode, Objective-C, CocoaPods, RubyMotion, Docker, NGINX

  • JavaScript EngineerPicturelife, Inc.

    Jan, 2013 - Jul, 20136 months

    • Designed and implemented a new and high-performance infinite scroll.

    • Improved the scrolling framerate from around 10 frames per second with intermittent lockups to 60 frames per second.

    • Technologies used: JavaScript, HTML LocalStorage, Web workers, Canvas, requestAnimationFrame, CSS3 Transitions, LESS, Grunt, Mocha and Should (for JavaScript BDD), Ruby

  • Senior Software EngineerEnova Financial

    Jul, 2012 - Jan, 20136 months

    • Designed and implemented a more efficient loan application process used by multiple brands.

    • Fixed a JavaScript error that was in production for 3 months which lost the company around $1M.

    • Piloted releases of the web app to thousands of customers around the world.

    • Technologies used: Ruby on Rails 1.2, Capistrano, GitHub

  • Software EngineerPEAK6 Investments, Inc.

    Sep, 2011 - Jul, 201210 months

    • Tailored custom interfaces for an elite group of options traders.

    • Replaced an expensive external tool with an internal app.

    • Technologies used: WebSockets, HTML5, High performance JavaScript, CoffeeScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Ruby on Rails, Capistrano, Git, SASS

  • DevelopereCD Market, Inc.

    Jul, 2011 - Sep, 20112 months

    • Eliminated intermittent Selenium browser testing failures, saving each developer and QA hours a week.

    • Increased compatibility, speed, and consistency of app by large refactoring.

    • Decreased code base size almost every day.

    • Created the first UI guidelines for future development.

    • Technologies used: jQuery, require.js, jQuery UI, jQuery Widget Factory, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Erlang, REST, JSON, Selenium

  • Junior DeveloperTeam Cymru, Inc.

    Jan, 2010 - Jul, 20111 year 6 months

    • Designed, implemented, and shipped Windows virus detector using C++ and Qt.

    • Created the world's first HTML5-poweredo cross-browser virus scanner.

    • Team Lead in creating the company's first Development Process.

    • Developed multiple Python-backed internal webapps.

    • Developed Firefox Add-on for checking downloaded files for malware. [https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/98431/]

    • Developed OS X Dashboard widget for checking files for malware.

    • Technologies used: Qt4, HTML5, CSS3, Python 2.6, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, C++, Perl

  • Software Engineering InternJohn Deere

    Jun, 2006 - Aug, 20093 years 2 months

    Developed internal desktop applications for the Electronic Engine Controls engineers.

    • Learned to develop GUI Applications on Windows and Linux using Qt 4.



  • Web Development
  • Server-Side
    Python 2Ruby on RailsPostgreSQLRESTHTTPHTTPSWebsockets
  • Ops


  • Computer Engineering, Bachelor, Iowa State University

    Jan, 2008 - Jan, 2009

  • Computer Science, Bachelor, University of Northern Iowa

    Jan, 2004 - Jan, 2007



  • Security